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NYC Exotic Snax 203

NYC ExoticSnax takes modern day munchies to a whole level. With snacks and beverages from around the world, this scrumptious retail concept offers a multi-sensory experience filled with neon graffiti artwork, pulsating music, TV monitors throughout, and over-the-top flavors produced by popular snack brands whose international products provide something truly unique. Whether it’s Lays roasted cumin and lamb flavored chips from China, melon flavored Sunkist from South Korea, Chips Ahoy with chocolate and orange flavored chips from Japan, or the Hubba Bubba inspired M&Ms from Australia, NYC ExoticSnax 203 gives new meaning to “Flavor Sensation”.

117 Washington St
Norwalk, CT
(347) 367-3466
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Washington Street, South Norwalk, CT 06854

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or call 203-561-9878

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